The cost of living crisis is costing women's lives

Please show your support for survivors of domestic abuse by signing our pledge asking the Government to help survivors and the specialist services that support them during this cost of living crisis. We are asking the Government take immediate action to provide: 

  1. An Emergency Support Fund, administered through specialist domestic abuse services, to support survivors of domestic abuse through this crisis period, to pay for essential items and energy bills.  
  2. Urgent, practical support for specialist domestic abuse services. 
    • A guarantee to provide services with support with energy bills until the crisis is over.  
    • Ensure charities can be flexible in how they support staff facing financial hardship.  
    • Government guarantee that no specialist domestic abuse services, including services led by & for Black and minoritised women, will close during this period due to financial difficulty.  
  3. Measures to reduce the impact of legal aid costs for survivors; fairer access to legal aid and other advocacy services and interest-free loans. 
  4. Abolition of the No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) condition for survivors of domestic abuse, and extension of eligibility for the existing Domestic Violence (DV) Rule, to ensure all women with insecure immigration status get support.  
  5. An exemption for survivors of domestic abuse from the benefit cap: this is a huge barrier for women with children when fleeing abusers.